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We have started this new initiative to give expanded focus to the “Mental Health Issues of Diabetes” and to the few centers where new and successful treatment is now in progress within the design of a new paradigm of treatment.

The new treatment for Type 1 diabetes may incorporate a “Team Approach” and cutting edge technology which would connect the patient and the professionals who treat them in an ongoing way.Technology, which we use daily, might be incorporated in a new treatment, such as cell phones, e-mail and interaction on internet websites to connect patients and their doctors on a more frequent basis, enabling instant reports of high or low blood sugars, creating an “Interactive Treatment” provided to patients and professionals, thus replacing routine face-to-face meetings.

Join use in this effort. Support the “Mental Health Issues of Diabetes Foundation” with funding contributed to;

1)create a new paradigm of treatment,

2)develop new and better drugs for mental health issues,

3)develop new and better screening, diagnosis and therapy for mental health issues,

4)gather data on the new treatment as compared to standard treatment, and 5)measure patient and family comfort and satisfaction with the new treatment.Please get involved and participate in this effort which I propose could revolutionize diabetes treatment in a short moment of time.

Please join use in building this initiative. Our goal is to create a new and “Interactive Treatment” and to prioritize the dissemination of that treatment to help our loved ones lead a better and healthier life with Type 1 diabetes.

Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, Honorary Chairman
Barbara Anderson, PhD, Co-Chairman
Lou Philipson, MD, PhD, Co-Chairman
Lee Ducat, Co-Chairman

Please respond by e-mail to Lee Ducat at


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